Isang Taho Vendor Ang Hinuli Matapos Nila Itong Makita Kung Ano Ang Nasa Ilalim Nito!

‘Taho’ is a famous snack or hot beverage among Filipinos. It is made from silken tofu with sweet syrup, ‘arnibal’ and ‘sago’ or pearls. Vendors usually sell them in the morning while roaming around and shouting, “Tahoooo!”

Many have delighted in this delicacy while growing up. Over the years, it has been innovated on and given takes by entrepreneurs. For example, there is now frozen taho which is mixed with strawberry, chocolate, and other syrups. It is now also an ice cream flavor. 

A Man Who Sells Taho For A Living Was Arrested After They Saw THIS Underneath His Taho Buckets!


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