Guy fell in love with a poser account on Facebook. When he met the real owner, their lives CHANGED! READ THIS!

  • This man had been in a relationship with a poser for 2 years.
  • When he found the real owner of the account, they started something NEW! 

A man named Manuel CaƱada and a woman name Geneva, had been the talk of the town after a controversial story of them was posted online.

Manuel was said to have been in a long distance relationship with Geneva. Their relationship lasted for 2 years, which ended after the one who uses the account admitted that she's just a poser. 

After he learned about the poser, he then started looking for the real owner of the account of Facebook.

The surprising part is that Manuel knows everything about the real owner because the one who used the poser account, was someone very close to the real owner. 

Because of a simple message on Facebook, Geneva, the real Geneva, has finally met Manuel! She really felt sorry for the guy and even apologized to all of his friends on behalf of the poser account.

Who would have thought that their heartbreaking and shocking relationship would still change

This is somehow God's perfect timing for the both of them! Through social media, they became friends, talked to each other on a daily basis and ended up being in a relationship.

Everything that they had been through were used to strengthen their relationship! 

Now, despite being in a long distance relationship, both of them are happy that they've found each other and are both contented with skype and video calls! 

It was such a great love story