Dad installs hidden cameras at home. When he watched the footage, he saw THIS! Horrifying!

  • A creepy video taken at home is currently going viral online. 
  • The footage showed how his daughter's doll moved on its own.

A creepy footage is currently circulating online and has been giving people goosebumps

According to the post, a father wanted to monitor his children at home so he installed CCTV cameras. However, it seems that he has captured something unbelievable and he'd surely want to get rid of those cameras now. 

The viral video showed his daughter who was alone in the living room when all of a sudden, the doll beside her moved! The second part of the video showed something even more horrifying. The little girl.was seen running away. 

It turns out that she got scared after the papers all around seemed to have been baffled by some unseen entity.


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